Swarthmore Education Centre

Company information:

Swarthmore sit within the education sector supporting community projects, family learning sessions and children’s activities. They provide family friendly lifelong learning with specialist facilities for pottery, jewellery, stained glass, sculpture and computing.

Position at start

PASCHALi was appointed to carry out an initial energy audit, in aid of a new roof grant application. It identified energy saving opportunities of circa 62% with a significant amount of these being able to be realised at very low cost.  There was also a strong desire to install a Solar PV system to generate electricity on site.

Actions taken

  • A major programme to upgrade the roof was already in hand.
  • PASCHALi project managed the solar PV installation during roof works.
  • PASCHALi helped source window specialists to install secondary glazing.

Results achieved

  • A 14.5 KW system was successfully installed on the new roof in a timely manner.
  • The new system will generate circa 11,500 kWh per annum


“PASCHALi was able to guide us through solar PV procurement and registration process.  There was lots of documentation and complex legislation but we went live on the 1st November and are looking forward to our first savings in this quarter”

Swarthmore Finance Manager, Kathrine Hutt