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Some Case Studies

Global Investment Banking Firm

PASCHALi provided energy auditing services on a large and varied portfolio of industrial, retail and commercial properties.  The entire portfolio's total size equals circa 5 million sqft and consumed over 165 million kWh of energy with an associated cost of £16.5m.

PASCHALi carried out over 20No. building energy audits and identified the following:

  • Circa 11.5 million kWh in energy consumption savings (circa 6.9%)
  • Circa £1 million in energy cost savings (circa 6.1%)
  • With an average payback of less than 2 yrs, with some energy saving initiatives generating immediate returns!

A Large European multi-site Manufacturer

STAGE 1 - PASCHALi acted as ESOS LEAD Assessors for a client who specialises in the manufacture of bespoke aircraft parts.  A total of eight audits were undertaken across their two main sites totalling 31 million sqft.  These two sites alone consumed over 270 million kWh of energy costing circa £9 million.

PASCHALi successfully helped them comply with the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme Regulation 2014 before the 5th December 2015 compliance deadline and identified the following from their energy audits:

  • Circa 23 million kWh in energy consumption savings (8.3%)
  • Circa £1.3 million in energy cost savings (14.4%)
  • An average payback of less than three years

STAGE 2 - PASCHALi were engaged to review historical energy consumption and energy audit information for five sites (including the two sites reviewed in PHASE 1), to collate this into a centralised database and update saving potentials where appropriate.  This involved engaging key staff members to extract all relevant energy information.  The following potential savings were identified:

  • Circa 37 million kWh saving in energy consumption
  • Circa 3 million Euros saving in energy cost
  • An average payback of less than three years

FTSE 250 Office Space Provider

Since 2009 PASCHALi has provided a bespoke energy management service for a large officer service provider which include environmental compliance support, project management and energy monitoring and verification.  In February 2016, PASCHALi supported a company-wide refresh of their greener working programme and have measured energy savings across 50No. UK priority centres.  The following results have been measured:

  • In September 2016 (after eight months) they have achieved 2 million kWh (7.4%) saving in electricity which equates to circa £280k (11.5%)
  • These savings were realised by low cost / no cost solutions including;
    1. Reprogramming of BMS which identified and reduced unnecessary and inefficient usage
    2. Staff engagement and training
    3. Monitoring & Reporting to senior management of actual savings